3 trends in 2017 office design

“Gather around.”

That actually sums up much of the current design – getting together, working together, living together.

The workplace as home – a place you spend a lot of time in – is one that should be designed well and have your team’s comfort and health in mind.

Are you moving your organization this year? Maybe 2017 is finally the year you will refresh your old space?

Here are three trends in office design that you will want to consider to make your workplace a bit more homey and comfortable.

1 – High Surfaces

We sit so much. For meals, on commute, for entertainment and especially at work.

Higher worksurfaces of varying types are being placed all over the office to move office life to a healthy new level.

Using standing surfaces in meeting areas can add movement and energy to brainstorming and discussion.

Adding standing cafe tables and hospitality counters gives team members a break from sitting while they take a break from desk work.

There is hardly an office design we discuss that “standing to work” doesn’t come up. People want the freedom to be on their feet and move while they are being productive on their screens. “Sitting is the new smoking” became a thing in 2014 and has only gained momentum since.

2 – Black and Greys Are Back

Designer spaces were for a time white, clean and minimalist. These light interiors were considered modern and stylish.

With the “home-ifying” of workspaces where furniture looks more residential, casual, and cozy – colours are changing too.

Blacks are back in as accents in office panels, and desk and seating legs. Teamed with rich colours black can really make a dramatic, classy statement.

Don’t forget greys and charcoals. If you don’t want the intensity of black, charcoal can add solidity and a new non-beige neutral. Greys can be warm and homey.

3 – Natural Elements

In the residential vein, natural elements like wood and metal are a welcome sight in a new workspace. These earth elements are calming and provide a sense of longevity and stability.

2017 sees a return to the natural… the authentic. Society is craving raw emotion, unfiltered imperfection, individuality and non-manufactured resources.

Quite possibly this trend in interior commercial design has also been influenced by the reclaimed warehouses turned retail and tech offices… what a great re-use of space.

The home designs of barn board and rough woods are becoming desired for offices. Use of these old material finishes (some newly created to look old) creates warm feelings. With detailed hand work becoming more rare, most of us see artisan craftsmanship in old construction and a flood of respect for those who came before us and who mastered these materials.

Do your offices need refreshing? Connect with us.

Our atWork design team can assist in making your workplace feel like home and remain a place of high productivity.

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