3 trends in workplace design for 2016

Should you be trendy in your workplace design? Not always, but having an environment that is up-to-date speaks to your company image, relevance in a competitive market and can attract new, forward thinking team members.

Maybe this is your year to refresh your workspace.

If so, here are three unique trends adding to office enjoyment and productivity in 2016.

1 – More Standing

“Sitting is the new smoking.” became a thing in 2014 and has only gained momentum since. Office furniture manufacturers answered the cry of seated despair with standing height worksurfaces and height adjustable table desks.

In turn, “Standing Desks” have become a regular topic for us to discuss with clients. This healthy workplace theme provides positive options to both move and continue to work for those working long hours at a computer screen.

This trend isn’t slowing down. It is affordable for any company and will continue to be a must-consider addition for any office project.

2 – Multipurpose Lounge as Meeting Room

With casual-style and relaxed comfort permeating our culture, the workplace doesn’t get missed. Lounge furniture is a big category for us, and isn’t just for waiting or hanging out on.

As the industry terms it, “Soft seating” pieces are an excellent way to create meeting areas or stop zones to work on mobile devices that aren’t formal boardrooms or rigid, focused desks.

We are seeing casual seating areas added to floors of workstations to provide connection zones, upgraded reception areas with added club seating, and table-less meeting rooms with funky chairs.

This cool factor isn’t just for startup tech companies but for organizations that want to project a people-oriented style that feels more like home.

3 – Hanging at the Work Bar

A newer concept that has come straight out of cafes and restaurants – the Work Bar. High tables, often with stools give the feel of Starbucks but have amenities to keep you powered and focused.

Single or double sided, this concept makes a stylish and flexible area to be on a laptop or give a first interview to a potential new hire. Many of our manufacturers have a version – some more elaborate than others. Power outlets (and wire management) can be included to charge mobile devices, foArtisan Work Bar Tablesot rings can add to comfort and stability while sitting on a higher chair.

With so much focus on mobile working, we see this trend continuing and even taking the place of simple desks for infrequent but familiar work guests.

There are certainly other trends happening in the workplace… multiple monitors as norm, standing meeting tables, lower privacy panels to name a few, and as always new finishes.

If you are refreshing your offices in 2016, connect with us. Our design team will help you navigate the new and outfit you for an even bigger future.


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