Belair helps you take office health to new heights

Do you end the workday tired? Do you sit most of your day? There is hope!

Our manufacturing partner, Belair Office Products has launched their new line of Sit/Stand office designs to bring energy and activity to office workers. Here’s there really interesting press release with the backstory…

LONDON, ON, Dec. 27, 2012 /CNW/ – A Canadian office furniture manufacturer is making a resolution to help desk-bound office workers get healthy in 2013. Many are experiencing bad health and body pain due to prolonged sitting. Belair Office Products is offering the new Altitude line of sit-stand desks bringing variety to your workspace, making it easier to improve your workspace and manage your health.

“We are sitting longer and longer for work. It is a big part of our degrading health,” says Scott Vanderform, leader of the Ontario office furniture manufacturer, Belair Office Products, maker of the Altitude line. “Almost weekly there have been articles in the news about the dangers of sitting too long. With screen-oriented-work becoming our norm, this danger is ruining our health.”

The prevalence of overweight adults in Canada is astounding. Over half our adult population is considered overweight or obese.(1) In turn this “heavy issue” costs us dearly in healthcare and productivity.(2)

It is noted that Canadians who are overweight are at a higher risk for serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, gallbladder disease, and different cancers vs. people who are at a healthy weight.

“Losing Weight” is the most popular resolution at New Year’s time.(3) We know being at a “healthy weight” would add energy to our day and decrease sickness. But year after year so many of us don’t last a few weeks without losing steam on this life and death battle and remain overweight. The Altitude line of office furniture improves mobility for stationary workers, creating a workspace atmosphere of movement that positively impacts long-term health.

We have met the enemy and it is us

Contrary to popular belief, office chairs aren’t the only culprits when it comes to bad office health. It seems our own willingness to remain seated throughout our workday is the problem, now that most office workers don’t need to get up from their seats to complete daily work functions.

“At Belair,” says Vanderform, “we’ve watched our industry try to help. Standing desks have been around for decades. Ergonomic chairs try to relieve the stress on the body. Each new launch brings innovative nuances, but height-adjustable tables and more comfy office chairs don’t bring the most important thing to a workspace.”

“The big thing is convenience. It needs to be super simple for an office worker to work with more body movement. People need to be able to work standing and sitting without having to stop and think about their health.”

Through their simple but innovative new office furniture line “Altitude”, Belair has added natural, various levels of work zones so you can work in various ways. Walk up to your desk and stand to work on paperwork or computer. Sit down in your comfy chair and meet with colleagues or clients or just get to work.

The “back” story

A focus on desk health began in Vanderform after he became a desk-sitting manager at the plant. “When I started in the factory, moving around was normal on the plant floor but when I moved to management, I was in the office much more and could feel my whole body going down hill.”

In fact, Vanderform always had to be mindful of his health due to a scary teenage accident when he was struck by a jetski while swimming. “For years I have had to stay in shape to handle aches and pains. It just was natural that I try to be in good physical shape while working at a desk.”

Helping other office workers increase their health is now Vanderform and his team’s aim. “Belair Office Products for many years has focused on everyday office furniture that speaks well to budget and utility. With this new addition in affordable office furniture, we hope to change the way people work.”


About belair office products

Belair Office Products is a privately owned office furniture manufacturer in London Ontario, Canada. Belair creates innovative and affordable office furniture for everyday offices. More information about the company’s new Altitude sit and stand desks and office furniture is available at

The furniture is distributed in Canada by commercial office furniture dealers including atWork Office Furniture (

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