Lunchrooms, Break Rooms, Cafeterias And Coffee Stations

Updated casual areas to meet and eat have become a real necessity in modern workplaces.

Whether a coffee/refreshment area close to workstations or a full blown modern cafeteria space, employees appreciate the investment.


In a study by Cornell University of firehouses, a correlation was drawn – “teams who ate together more often tended to perform better together.”

At firehouses, this meant “a difference in team performance between firefighters who ate together everyday, compared to those who only ate together some days or not at all.”

Fighting fires may not be your focus, but a great space for group interaction and connection most certainly will benefit your organization.


Will a new design for eating and meeting help your team?

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Furniture Shown:

  • Refresh hospitality cabinetry by Belair
  • Accommodate seating and Hospitality tables by HON
  • Refresh hospitality cabinetry (white) and Collaboration tables by Belair
  • Flock lounge seating by HON
  • Colourful Motivate seating by HON