Return To The Office – Canadian-made Clear Guard Solutions

When things got tough, Tayco got strong.

Our long term Canadian manufacturer of office systems rose to the occasion of COVID and has created several excellent office barrier and guard solutions.

As we look forward returning to workplaces after quarantine, the office may have new and different requirements to keep team members safe, healthy and confident.
  • Panel Shield  – Discreet addition to present low panels, extends the height of the panel up to 24”, easy to clean materials
  • Freestanding Shield – Designed, large, freestanding screens with a sense of scale and subtle form, with a weighted base
  • Scene Shield – A modern take on divisional solutions using Tayco’s signature Scene posts, and can be retrofitted to any current setup
  • Frameless Blade – Panel Mounted Frameless Glass Blade, which works on any flat panel trim or worksurface
  • Visitor Shield – Clear, freestanding guards work really well for receptions
  • Splits Shield – Sturdy and sleek freestanding screen, does not comprise between aesthetics and safety
  • Up Shield – Clamp-on surrounds for height adjustable standing surfaces
  • Transaction Shield – Available in clear acrylic, offers a non-obtrusive, divider for greeting visitors, with option for an additional transaction counter
  • Gallery Shield – With a unique foot and many shape and material options, this offers a modern aesthetic, and allows for casters

Reach out today to understand how Tayco Shield solutions can work for you.