How clutter is hurting your office

What’s your excuse for office clutter? Is it because your business doesn’t receive visits from clients, or perhaps your reason is that clutter helps keep your creativity flowing. Stop insisting that the piles on your Ontario office furniture or your office floor are in a state of “organized chaos” and admit that you are actually suffering from a clutter catastrophe. Letting your workstation fill with paperwork and miscellaneous stuff can damage your personal productivity and cause problems for your business down the road. Don’t believe us? Here are four ways that clutter can kill your office productivity.

1) It’s psychologically damaging

Did you know that your environment has a direct effect on our attitude and mood? Clean, bright environments make us feel happier and more stable. Messy, disorganized spaces leave us feeling off-balance and overwhelmed. Just because you can tolerate clutter in your workspace doesn’t make it ok. An environment filled with cluttered office furniture can lead to cluttered work, causing your employees to produce sub-par assignments. Keeping your executive office furniture clear of clutter will help your employees avoid unnecessary feelings of stress and improve productivity.

2) It causes procrastination

A messy office is full of endless distractions. Whether you’re shuffling through papers or reorganizing project files, clutter keeps you from focusing on the work that really matters. When working on a particularly difficult task you might find yourself tempted to rearrange various piles on your desk rather than focus on the issue at hand. Don’t let clutter help you procrastinate, buy office furniture that helps streamline your storage needs.

3) It wastes time

Clutter undermines productivity by making you disorganized. Instead of quickly locating necessary documents and files, you’re forced to spend hours sorting through the various piles located throughout your office. Over time, these periods of searching can add up, costing you entire days and even weeks of time that should have been spent marketing your services, meeting potential clients, and producing quality work.

4) It’s dangerous to your health

Clutter can actually cause you significant physical harm, so be careful! Piles of paper are prime obstacles to trip over, while loose papers could potentially cause a fire if they get too close to a space heater. A messy work environment can also exacerbate other health issues like allergies, asthma, or claustrophobia. Time spent going to the doctor’s office in order to treat these conditions is time wasted, especially if you could better manage your symptoms simply by taking better care of your workstation.

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