How Much Should I Spend On An Office Chair?

Office furniture is often deemed a necessary evil in the business budget.

And an office chair may not be the most exciting purchase of your lifetime – but for many, a great one brings important comfort and silently increases daily work performance in our ever increasing sitting work situations.

A quality, ergonomic office chair then is both a smart investment and a must-have these days.

But shopping for seating can be intimidating. What is an appropriate budget for your team? Do the differences in prices and features really mean a better investment? How much of the budget should go to base comfort versus adding more budget for style? How much should I spend on an office chair?

At current prices, a good base rule of thumb – spend a minimum of 2-3 days pay on an ergonomic office chair.

Is “Good”, good enough?

When shopping we often have choices of good, better and best. So we take the easy way out and choose the base option or the middle of the road option. We don’t want to feel we are breaking the bank.

But nowadays, we realize we need make a smart decision on ergonomic health.

Truth is, today an office chair is one of life’s necessities that deserves investment. After all, most of us spend as much time in our office chairs as we do our mattresses.

A Decade Decision

In our experience, a quality office chair lasts between 7-10 years. With commercial-level fabric and build construction, your office chair is going to be supporting you for the long haul. 


Rather than just thinking of the quick, immediate need for a place to sit, considering an office chair as a longer term investment will help you make an informed decision. And it may be more affordable than you realize.

Budget Suggestion…

Target spending a minimum 2-3 days of an office worker’s pay on an ergonomic chair. This will help your employees be safe, more productive and comfortable. And is an easy to remember benchmark for budget.


For example…

  • Employee making $35,000/year, working 200 days a year… 2-3 days pay = $350 – $525 chair
  • Employee making $80,000/year, working 200 days a year… 2-3 days pay = $800 – $1200 chair


Other points to consider that may influence your budget up or down…

  • Extended hours spent in the chair (IE. an all day sit for a receptionist or control room operator)
  • Adding upgraded styling to match a certain decor
  • Harsh environmental conditions that require higher level of material construction (IE. wet or dirty conditions)
  • Particular employee accommodations due to injury
  • More intense multi-user adjustability for 2-3 shift environments
  • Combination of above

atWork provides a wide range of office chairs to meet the needs of every business and user. And our experienced team can walk with you through appropriate option selection.


In the end, let’s help you find chairs you love and work for you, not just a simple seat you need.

Rodney Lover, Co-Owner and Director of Sales of our atWork Office Furniture location in London, Ontario.

“With over 30 years in the industry, I’ve watched furniture trends come and go. One thing that has stayed in style – investing in quality and enjoying it for years.”