How office furniture can help you avoid clutter

A messy office doesn’t just look bad, it can also impede productivity and hurt your business. If you want to work efficiently and effectively, you should make it a point to have a presentable working area. From your desk to your filing system, let the organization experts at atWork show you how different business office furniture can help you streamline your operations and improve productivity.

It starts with your desk

Is your desk hurting your organizational efforts? Your desk is the centre of your workstation and thus the most important aspect of your organizational plan. When shopping for a desk and a wholesale office furniture store, make sure you look for models that offer a variety of storage solutions. Drawers, cubbies, and built-in file systems will provide you with plenty of storage space and help you tackle unnecessary clutter. The organizational experts at atWork also recommend looking for desks that offer clearly defined zones. If your job requires that you spend a great deal of time on your computer, make sure you purchase a workstation that can accommodate this necessity. Need space to spread out your notes and organize your files? Consider purchasing a U-shaped desk as it will offer you additional working space.

Bigger isn’t always better

Remember that your office needs to be functional, but not just for the purpose of improved organization. You want to make sure that you and your guests have enough room to move freely in your office. In order to achieve this, try to:

  • Avoid cluttering your office with unnecessary furnishings or oversized pieces.
  • Leave enough space near guest chairs so that guests can sit, stand, and move around easily.
  • Keep a comfortable amount of space around your workstation so that you can move about your desk without much trouble.
Pay attention to your business office furniture layout

If you have a great desk, but still can’t seem to stay organized, your office floor plan could be to blame. According to the principles of Feng Shui, your desk should always be in the “power position” which is facing the door. Placing your desk in this manner is believed to position you for opportunity and service. Feng Shui also recommends that your desk should be placed so that your back is to a wall. This will help you feel grounded and more in command of your workspace. Once you’ve positioned your desk in a manner that is both functional and comfortable it’s time to consider other business office furniture. File cabinets, client seatingbookshelves, and accessories should be positioned in a manner that is conducive to your job.

Fix your file system

If you find that paperwork makes up the vast majority of your office clutter it’s time to invest in a functional filing system. Whether it’s a simple desktop file holder or a full-sized cabinet, filing systems are a quick and easy solution for out-of-control paperwork. Just remember to label your files and drawers so you don’t misplace any important documents.

An organized office begins with better business office furniture. Improve your office space with new and used office furniture from atWork, Ontario’s best office furniture provider.

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