Make meeting times easy

Quick, you need to organize a meeting. What’s the first thing that pops into your head?

For many, putting together a meeting can be tedious and just a necessary evil. If not well executed, they can lack productivity or be a downright waste of time.

But when effective, meetings can help teams collaborate, stay on track and be the positive boost everyone needs.

A recent study conducted by Verizon, showed 89% of participants thought that their meetings could be improved with better technology. So to help today, we are exploring one new technology that can start you off organizing great meetings with ease.

Scheduling meetings

CoreUM is an online software app built to help meeting organizers claim back some sanity. With free plans available, we think it’s an awesome option for meeting coordination. (And it’s built for the world right here in Ontario!)

Frustrations typically begin with one of the most difficult parts of the meeting process; the actual coordination of the meeting time. If you’ve never been on the receiving end of a reply all email or mass communication thread, it typically goes something like this:

John – “Is everyone free Wednesday at 7:30pm?” 
Bill – “Not at 7:30, but I can do at 6.” 
Suzy – “Tuesday works better for me, I’’m busy Wednesday nights.” 
Jen – “Can we do Friday lunch instead? But only before 12:30.”

Using a meeting scheduling app like CoreUM allows users to simply poll and coordinate available meeting times with invitees.

Simple Steps

Here’s how it simply works once you are on the CoreUM site…

Step 1 – Provide meeting details (name, location, etc.) and propose a handful of dates and times. 

Step 2 – Select your invitee emails. 

Step 3 – CoreUM takes care of the rest to gain consensus.  

Through the system email, your invitees select the times they’re available, allowing you to select the option with the most availability (and includes a quorum option to make sure you have enough attendees).

CoreUM is the only system on the market to include corporate branding which increases company recognition and goodwill.

You can use CoreUM for organizing a client visit, a board meeting, committee lunch, an annual golf trip, or planning your next corporate training. CoreUM may become your favourite productivity application and revolutionize the way you organize meetings. 

CoreUM is free to use. Try it today! And as a friend of atWork, we’ll give you the upgraded VIP subscription for 30 days.

Like it? Use coupon code “atwork” at checkout to receive 20% off of your first year of corporate membership.

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