Should you buy new or used?

Are you considering buying office furniture? Do you need to maximize your company’s budget? Buying pre-owned quality business furniture could be the wrong thing for you. Yes, “wrong”! Let me explain…

With constant turmoil in the business world, we have partnered with several large companies to liquidate surplus office furniture. We visit dozens of offices monthly to assess and remove equipment that is in excellent condition and will be sold at a fraction of the original price. Why would I tell you it could be the wrong purchase for you then? Because sometimes new suits the situation.

Here is a short list of situations you may find your company in which buying new would be more appropriate…

  1. Your company needs to enhance its physical image with a thoroughly coordinated look throughout your facility.
  2. With a generous budget, you are asked to update an area to reflect a specific style.
  3. Exact room dimensions make used furniture a difficult compromise.
  4. You need to match some previously purchased new furniture to continue a company standard.
  5. Your need has very specific ergonomic requirements that tend to be only available on the newest furniture.

Outside of these situations purchasing used office furniture may be an excellent way for you to save your company money and invest in long-lasting equipment.

Today, the average age of automobiles on the road is about 9 years. A car achieving 9 years has had many dollars spent on it even if you buy quality. Quality commercial office furniture on the other hand can be used over 12 years normally with no money spent on service! With the amount of corporate retooling and change, there is quite a selection of pre-owned business furniture with many years of service left available to you today.

Just like a vehicle, once the plastic is pulled off and your new furniture is “off the lot”, there is an immediate value adjustment. When business furniture is purchased used, you can bypass this depreciation and take advantage of significant savings. Used furniture is resold from 10 to 70% of it’s original cost. Fabric and finish colours, condition and style influence the resell price. Finding appropriate furniture for your situation may mean browsing through a large warehouse or consulting with a sales person who knows the inventory available. This small time investment can mean a savings of 30 to 90% of your furniture’s original value.

atWork Office Furniture’s long-standing activity in the business community in Ontario has given us exclusive access to some of the largest companies divesting of surplus assets in great condition. This has created a solid reputation for pre-owned office furniture selection. We are committed to providing an ever-changing assortment of business furnishing that can stretch your company’s budget and enhance the way you work. Let us help you find the right furniture to invest your precious business dollars – whether new or used!

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