Sweet Inspiration – A Million Dollar Business Success Story

This story is about a business success defined by more than monetary gain.

But as the sweet Chick Boss herself, Rebecca Hamilton, notes, “Don’t be fooled, Money does buy happiness.”

How? Money buys time. Time allows us to do the things that make us happy. It is a tool. And tools help us build things, in this case, the life we want. 

I loved having a chance to chat with Rebecca Hamilton, co-owner with her husband Chad of the Chick Boss Cake, about what has made their bakery business such a success.

Quite openly, Rebecca shared her story and lessons that have led to a thriving cake shop empire in Southwestern Ontario. And she further rolls them out in her delicious new book, The Million Dollar Bakery.

She highlighted a few of those lessons with me.

You are your Biggest Asset

Running a business has not been about doing “all the things”. You have to take care of yourself before taking care of all the other aspects.

Rebecca firmly believes that becoming the best version of yourself will help you battle through business adversities. It is not enough to run it well. It is a continually growing and evolving process that requires self-care, along with intentional wellness routines and rituals. Taking care of yourself is the most important part of taking care of your business. 

Define your Values 

Values that are aligned personally and professionally are the simple formula Rebecca believes has fueled her success. And this girl is clear on hers. 

  • Work hard and be kind. 
  • Practice gratitude and do your best. 
  • Continually be growing and demonstrating integrity. 

It’s pretty simple, says the author, to lead others and teach what the values are when you are so focused on them, and they guide every decision you make in your business as well as your personal life. 

Pick the Right People 

As your business grows, it is vital to get the support you need to outsource or hire. Rebecca recommends you choose people who are different from you but are also reliable and as obsessed with your business as you are. She picks people who align with the values indicated above.

I found it interesting that she spoke about her hiring process as focusing on seeking out similar values, not just a passion for fondant. When hiring, throughout orientation and ongoing training, Rebecca’s continual emphasis on integrity, practicing gratitude and exuding kindness is as important as reliability and hardworking goal diggers vs. gold diggers. The Chick Boss Cake company has developed a culture that values positivity and has zero tolerance for complainers or haters. 

Never Forget Your Story

Every brand has a story worth telling. Stories are far more powerful than the bottom dollar or the sharing of statistics. There is absolute truth to the art of successful businesses, and it is in their story.

Rebecca shares that although she has fond memories baking with her Oma in her tiny kitchen, she never expected it would become her career. Those fond memories and a love for baking weaved with a determination to work hard to create a life she loved led her to her success story. It has not always been glamorous or sprinkles and icing magic. Rebecca admits she had no idea how to run a business or manage staff in the beginning. But she did have clarity about her goals and values. 

The best advice Rebecca ever received from her husband Chad was to do whatever made her happy. And she has, baking her heart out, into the hearts and onto the tables of so many! 

About the Author

Rebecca Hamilton is the author of The Million Dollar Bakery, a story of pursuing your passion and creating the life of your dream. She turned her hobby into a million-dollar business and shares the values and secrets that she attributes to her undeniable success. Rebecca’s book is available on Amazon, written to inspire others how a business can soar successfully with integrity, values, tenacity and pure grit. And check out Rebecca’s podcast “Scrap the Sweet Talk”.

Find her on RebbecaHamiltonCo.com

…and her amazing creations on ChickBossCake.com