The Phone Booth Reinvented for the Office

Sorry Superman… long gone are the days where we see phone booths on street corners.


Ironically, this memory of decades past technology solutions has emerged again in office design. The “office phone booth” is a new idea to complement open-concept and collaborative workspaces typical in modern companies.


Over the last decade, the popular desire for softer, more friendly office spaces includes eliminating office partitions. However, it has created a new issue – where does someone go for quiet and privacy?

If your open-concept office invites distractions or gets too loud, adding an office booth may be a solution. Enclosed office booths offer features that resemble traditional phone booths – windows, doors – and also seats and tables. These small, private spaces allows a private call or undistracted, work time for a user.


But the new “office phone booths” can be small… just right for one person or create a meeting space… a small seating area for two to four people. 

Could your team benefit from an office booth? If so, here are some things to consider:

  1. Placement Matters – One of the best features of office booths is that they are easily located in your office. They are installed as furniture not constructed out of say drywall. Electricity is required. Also, you need to find placement out of direct sunlight – they are made of windowed walls so they can heat up in the sun.
  2. Find clean air – There is nothing worse than low ventilation in any office area. A small space requires ventilation to avoid fragrances, stale breath and body odours in the booth after its use. Excellent brands like Artopex’s Mute Box has a quality ventilation system.
  3. Optimize functionality – Adding electrical outlets, desk space, a stool or chair make booths very useful. Consider it your tiny house (or tiny office!) and offer the small additions that allow it to work well for users with multiple purposes.

Office booths make your workspace modern, useful and interactive. A hip solution creating more personalized options to get work done!

Want to learn more? Get to a quiet place and reach out to the atWork team!

See the Mute Box Office Phone Booth on our website.

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