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Our Story

Thank you for your interest in atWork. We are proud to share a little of our story and hope we can be of service to you as we have been to so many others since our beginnings in 1983.

Currently through our teams, 4 showrooms and our extensive website, atWork outfits complete office spaces for some of the most recognizable organizations. We are proud to have built a reputation for our customer-oriented focus and full service experience. It is an honour to be outfitting those working hard in offices across North America.

The atWork Office Furniture family was started in 1983 by our founder, after the closing his small chain of department stores that he and his father ran together in small Southwestern Ontario towns throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Seeing an opportunity to expand on an idea of supplying business needs, our first location was opened in London Ontario.

Throughout the rest of the 1980s, several family members joined to open a group of New & Used office furniture and business equipment locations around the area and into Toronto.

By the year 2000, our business had morphed into providing some of the best new and modern office furniture solutions in North America. Our manufacturing partners offer some of most innovative and practical lines in the business.

Each of our four locations are owned by the same families with second and third generations working in each.

All are well known in their communities and even after decades of using the common “atWork Office Furniture” group name, many people refer to them including the family name attached.

Our selection of office furnishings has certainly changed over the years and we are always keeping an eye to trends.

A current trend – ‘resimercial’ spaces – combines the benefits of residential comfort with commercial efficiency. An additional trend atWork is driving is the creation of active or movement-based office spaces. The available research on sedentary workplaces clearly demonstrates the resulting health crises for employees.

atWork Office Furniture is committed to anticipating their clients’ future needs and designing spaces appropriate to those needs. Since the late 1990s, atWork has offered space planning and have had designers on staff to fully layout, CAD and render office spaces to enable projects to be visualized up front.

With today’s technology, atWork helps office owners plan offices across Canada. Meeting clients by video, fielding questions through online chat or providing detailed drawings by email is an every day occurrence.

“As long as we are erring on the side of serving others, I think we can’t go too far wrong.” – Rodney Lover, dealer principal, second generation, atWork London

From our team to yours, we wish you all success, atWork!

Each week, our atWork team plays an important role executing projects beyond our clients’ expectations. They look forward to serving you.



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