Sell Your Used Office Furniture

Searching where to sell your used office furniture?

For over 40 years, atWork has offered to buy surplus and used office furniture in large and small quantities.

Whether you are looking to trade up, moving or closing a facility, our experienced surplus buyers can assist.

We consider used office furniture throughout Southwestern Ontario (Cambridge & Area and London & Area).

Toronto GTA? At this time we only consider late model, modern office chairs. No other furniture.

Sorry, at this time we do not source used outside of the above.

**At this time we are very selective as we are very full up**

Please keep in mind we look to buy…

  • Modern 8 year old or newer
  • Office-oriented furniture items, suites
  • Current and modern styles
  • Quantity of same items to serve our commercial customers
  • Items in excellent condition


Items we are not interested in…

  • Ready-to-assemble home office furniture
  • Office chairs with worn or soiled seats
  • Older, traditional wood furniture
  • Small quantities of cubicles

How To Connect With Us

  1. List out the items you are looking to sell (item, description, quantity)
  2. Take pictures of each item (at different angles)
  3. Note the address including floor of the removal
  4. Note date of which you are looking to have items removed by
  5. Email information to our surplus buying team at … [email protected]

Our buyers typically respond with a “yes” or “no thank you” within a week.

Removal of furniture by our team is normally within our offered price.

For many companies in a situation of surplus, using our trusted and insured removal service is an excellent and efficient benefit.


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