Effortless Office Furniture Disposal : Expert Tips and Tricks

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The dynamics of office spaces have undergone a profound transformation. With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, many organizations are reevaluating their traditional office setups. One aspect of this reassessment involves the fate of older office furniture. 

We spoke with Andrew Kaikkonen, co-owner of atWork London to get his experienced take on the challenges businesses have when needing to rid themselves of office furnishings. Well-known for their dealings in used office furniture since their beginnings in 1983, it is a small part of what atWork provides now. But customers still regularly connect with questions about how to deal with their surplus furniture.


“We get many inquiries every week from businesses needing to dispose of office furniture. We could fill a football stadium with furniture.” Andrew Kaikkonen


Andrew identifies three key reasons why businesses have office furniture they need to dispose of. 

1 – Reinvigorating their Workspace: After extended periods of remote work, companies are keen to entice employees back into the office environment. One way to achieve this is by revitalizing the workspace through the introduction of fresh, modern furniture and revamping office space to represent a more home-like feel. A revamped office space can foster a sense of excitement and rejuvenation among employees, motivating them to return to work with renewed enthusiasm.


2 – Downsizing: With remote work arrangements becoming more prevalent, some organizations find themselves with surplus office space full of furniture but no people. By downsizing and disposing of excess furniture, companies can streamline operations and optimize their use of resources. 


3 – Adapting to New Ways of Working: The traditional concept of assigned workstations is evolving in response to changing work patterns. Concepts such as hot desking, hoteling, co-shared and flexible seating arrangements are gaining popularity as organizations seek to maximize space utilization and accommodate diverse working styles. 


However the actual disposal of office furniture to support these goals can be a daunting task. Andrew spends a lot of time fielding questions and inquiries about how to smoothly and efficiently achieve it. It is no wonder. atWork offers unique services to support organizations with the transition. 

  • Convenient Trade-In: Opting for a trade-in may not always yield the highest return compared to private selling options like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. However, it offers unparalleled convenience. With a trade-in, you can seamlessly transition to new furniture, with the old pieces taken away on the same day. This streamlined process minimizes disruption to workflow and eliminates the hassle of storage, waiting, filtering prospects, negotiating, and removal.


  • Environmental Consciousness: Engaging the services of our expert office furniture dealer for removal ensures that your old furniture is handled responsibly. These professionals dismantle, recycle, and repurpose materials wherever possible, minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact.


  • Access to More Options: Partnering with a reputable multiple-dealer organization expands your access to a wider range of options and availability. This enables you to explore diverse solutions for your office furniture needs, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your workspace.


  • Time-Saving Technology: Gone are the days when on-site visits to discuss your furniture were required to move forward with a trade-in plan. Simply snap a few pictures of your furniture and send them to atWork through their website. The team will swiftly assess whether your items fit our inventory and promptly present you with an offer.



Andrew shares how he often goes the extra mile even if he can’t accommodate certain furniture. atWork will provide you with alternative selling platform suggestions, ensuring you have options to explore, as well as the beauty of having four stores as a network to maximize available options for pre-owned furniture.

“We make it work, atWork,” says Andrew smiling. “We are dedicated to making it work for you”. 

Experience the convenience and seamless peace of mind process of getting rid of your office furniture in a once-and-done solution-based approach.


If you are looking to sell your modern, late-model office furniture, view our Sell Your Used Office Furniture article.

If you require surplus furniture removal, connect with us today




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