How to choose a chair mat

Chair Mats have popped up in popularity and that is not a surprise!

It appears many may be working at home for the long term. And those beautiful household floors were not designed to have a chair rolling around on them 8 hours a day. 

But regardless of whether you are at home or office, being at a desk all day is a strain on your body and your floors!

Office Chair Mats are a solution to protect your gorgeous flooring from damage of chair casters and increase the ease to move. It has taken years to evolve, but Chair Mats have come a long way. Compared to the early days of hard acrylic or Masonite, available only in a few sizes, Chair Mats now use flexible vinyl in different thicknesses to provide a long-lasting and customized solution to suitably work for any flooring and chair.

As a result of progress, shopping for a chair mat can now be a bit of a confusing task! There are so many considerations and value decisions to think about. Beyond the right size, there are many options of functionality to choose from. 

Answering these questions will help narrow your expansive options and get you thinking about what chair mat elements are best suited for you… 

  • Do I know the size I need and how that will work around my other furnishings?
  • Do I have a hard surface/hardwood or carpet flooring?
  • Do I have a low pile carpet or high pile carpet? 
  • Do I want to show off my high end flooring using a clear glass mat?
  • Do I sit and stand at my desk and need an ergonomic, anti-fatigue foam mat? 


A good place to start is knowing the size of the area you need/can cover. Measuring for a chair mat requires you to think about your “roll area”, not your desk or chair size. Do you like to roll to a cabinet or over to another work area? Determining the farthest points you may want to move in your workspace will help you choose a mat covering that entire area if possible. You also don’t want your mat so big that your desk is sitting on top of it.

Choosing a chair mat has multiple benefits but many considerations.

We can help you select the chair mat perfect for you, your space and your floors. Let’s chat.

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