Making your home office work for you

So you are going to be working from home for the long haul?

If WFH is your new reality, step back and truly make it functional and feel right.

In a sense, there are many things to consider in a workspace… things that functionally support your productivity while working; lighting, sound, nature, colours, electronics and ergonomics. Bringing these into play in your home can be an unexpected challenge to figure out.

atWork has a few of the “pieces of the puzzle” that will increase your comfort and productivity, and make your Home Office work for you. 

These four elements will help you channel the planning.

1 – Increasing comfort, Lessening pain (Chairs)

The first place you will often feel “home office impact” is literally in your seat – and back. Body and back pain is real, and the laws of physics prove that a sitter’s weight needs to be well-supported for extended periods. Health professionals are finding that the increased wave of working from home over the years is escalating the need for chiropractic care, physiotherapy and medical appointments related to back or shoulder pain. It’s no wonder! If you are spending an 8 hour day using a kitchen chair or sofa designed for totally different functionality, your body will be letting you know!

Watch This great “Work From Home Ergonomics” video from our friends at Humanscale

You do not need to spend a ton on a multi-faceted chair with all the dynamic features available to improve your ergonomic seating. Choose a chair that supports your head, neck and back. Think about how you work and where you need or will appreciate the comfort and support for the way you sit (posture changes), height you need, or reclining comfort. Adjustable armrests ergonomically support your shoulders right down to your wrists. 

See some of our top rated office chairs here

2 – Having space to spread out and move (Desks)

Reportedly our homes with all our electronics are the most “distractible” place to work, and yet most of us would say we want to work from home at least a little. So inevitably we encounter multiple the distraction factors (read our article on office distractions). Dropping your laptop onto the corner of a kitchen table, basement end table or on your lap for work is a recipe for distraction. Finding an actual space to slide a desk area dedicated to office work will go a long way to dividing your roles in the day and focusing. 

If your commuting is steps within your home, you are wise to find a way to implement Sit-Stand-Move Habits throughout your day. Moving improves circulation and blood flow, needed to improve energy and minimize the risk of injury over time. Considering adjustable height table desk options can make your worksurface an active part of the day, and allow your productivity and creativity to soar. Adjustable tables allow you to listen to your body throughout the day, allowing you to stand up and move, a common need for the stay-home worker who has no commute anymore. It can set to your ideal height and convert to stand while you work. 

Regardless of how much paper you do or don’t spread out around your space, there is value in supporting a workspace with an unwavering station that that will accommodate your beverage and electrical components, along with any ergonomic or personal items to heighten your workflow and preferences. Even if you work completely digitally, most of us find productivity is heightened when we can spread out and have a suitable space to do so. 

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3 – Forgotten accessories

If you have chosen the space, you are ready for finishing touches that will heighten the value of your new home office and have it working efficiently for you. 


  • Protect your flooring with a chairmat. Chair mats are a simple way to mobilize your movement around your space and are available in various colours, sizes and attributes depending on the flooring it is sitting on. This small investment is a game-changer to the longevity of your flooring and the ease you can move around it.  


  • Smooth movement is crucial for a long workday, so keep your wheels sliding effortlessly. Even if you have an office chair, over time, the wheel casters do wear, just like our car tires and need replacement. If wear and tear, including Food, dirt, dust or cracks in your wheels, inhibit your glide, replacing wheel casters can have you moving freely around your space again. 


  • Let there be light. Regardless if you have been blessed with a window by your workspace, adequate lighting is a must. Straining your eyes can lead to fatigue, headaches and unnecessary stress on your body. Desk lighting that supports your work appeals to your preferences and dims when you want it to can be a game-changer, especially if you do not have natural light to assist you. 


  • Add in a few personal touches. Your home office can still integrate the mood and style of your home. The workspace and chair options are enormous, from textures, colours or fabrics. Then add in the fun details as you have room to do. Find a plant, mug or photo to bring your home features to your space that will make you smile. 


Finally, ask for help if you are stumped on making your home office work for you. Our planning team can get you started on a design or set up.


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