An environmentally friendly office project?

I watched in dismay as a mini-bulldozer pushed office workstations across a huge corporate office space into twisted piles.

“What’s happening to all these workstations?” I asked one of the workers.


A large company had shuttered a division and now I watched as all their office furniture was being collected and sent – to be buried under dirt.


Why was it all going to landfill? Because the older, obsolete furniture had not been manufactured for a cleaner future – that is, the foam, fabric and metal were glued together in a way that once the items were unwanted, properly separating and recycling materials was unviable.


This twenty year old memory of mounds of waste workstation furniture burns in my memory. A tragic situation for our earth. This particular one I saw with my own eyes. Fortunately since, manufacturers have changed and improved ways of manufacturing for future obsolescence. We can still do more.


The following article posted this month is a positive one – a couple good ways to lessen the resources needed to outfit your office. Our sunnier disposition wouldn’t allow it only to be a downer… We like to present solutions rather than problems. As an organizational leader consider ways to positively affect our world – your world. There are practical ways right around you. Even as you build your team, your physical presence and chase your dreams.

Rodney Lover

On behalf of atWork

An Environmentally Friendly Office Project?

Caring about the environment is more than a hot topic today – it makes business sense!

Many businesses are aware of that – but how do you take action when you are … say… outfitting it with furniture?


Read two ideas that may surprise you as “green”……but help you take action on your next office project.


  1. Choose Canadian-Made


Choosing Canadian-made options is an excellent way to buy close to home and lessen the resources invested. And Canadian companies and manufacturers are held to strict environmental laws.

atWork passionately offers many Canadian-made furniture options including those by Belair and Tayco. Offering cost-effective options, these two companies are focused on providing efficient, attractive choices for your office interiors. Both companies use Quebec-made, laminate materials made from 100% recycled and recovered wood materials. “Recycled and recovered” is lumber industry waste and even discarded wood furniture from cities all over Canada and the US. 

Check out the process!

And – did you know that Canadian furniture options can be very budget conscious? Canadian business consumers are savvy in their purchases. In response, manufacturers in our country respond with appropriate products that meet budgets and are loaded with value.


  1. Green as a Core Value


Some manufacturers lean on green practices as a core value. Humanscale, another very environmentally focused manufacturer, is a green leader in the Office Furniture industry. Humanscale identifies their passion for helping design projects with minimal environmental impact, identifying this pillar as a key proponent in their business vision.

One of our favourite chairs from Humanscale – the Liberty chair- is made of 45% Post-Consumer waste. They also have a chair made from Ocean plastics… the Smart Ocean Chair

Did you know?

When atWork began in the ’80s, we offered excellent used commercial office furniture sourced from closing, renovating and moving companies. In some locations, we still offer this option! Our customers appreciate the opportunity to trade in valuable, unneeded furniture or see their old office furniture disposed of in a responsible manner. Need to leave some good used office furniture behind? Consider partnering with our services teams to recycle it rather than sending used office furniture to the landfill. Contact us today.

Want to Take some Action?

Our talented sales team can support you to source choices for your business and achieve the environmental consciousness you are seeking. It can improve your image to employees, shareholders and customers. Beyond the simple impression will come a forward-thinking readiness as protecting the earth continues to be the hot topic it is. Showing your business cares for the earth will pay dividends for future generations.

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