Confusing Office Furniture Terms Explained

“The what?”

Sometimes our customers know what they want but don’t know the odd office furniture lingo to express it.

Here are 8 commonly misunderstood office furniture terms and easy explanations to understand them.


What is a Drawer Pedestal?

A drawer pedestal is like a small cabinet with drawers that can go under or next to desks. It helps keep things organized and gives you more space to put stuff. You might hear people call it “Ped,” “Pedestal,” or “Drawer Ped.”

What is a Box File?

A “box file” or “box box file” are simply configurations of drawer pedestal. For example, a box file has one small “box” drawer (for pens, paper, etc.) and a file folder drawer.


What is a Desk Return?

A return on a desk is like an extra piece that sticks out from the main desk… like having a wing on your desk. Some can be put on the left side, some on the right, and some can switch sides. This extra space can be super handy for spreading out your work or setting up your computer.




What is a Modesty Panel?

A modesty panel is a board or screen that is under a desk. It keeps things private and covers your feet and legs.  A modesty panel is like a curtain for your desk. It hangs down low and shields legs from curious eyes. Sometimes, it hides cables and cords too.



What is a Hutch?

A hutch is like a tall shelf that goes on top of a desk. You can put books, binders, pictures, awards, and supplies on it. It helps save space on the desk.

What is a Credenza?

A credenza is like a long cabinet that holds things. It’s good for storing stuff you need in the office. It might have doors to keep things hidden. Often times it is paired with a desk.



What is a Monitor Arm?

A monitor arm is a flexible arm that holds your computer screen. You can adjust it to the perfect height so you don’t have to strain your neck while working. It can sometimes make the screen higher so you can stand and work comfortably. Monitor risers are supports that lift the screen up too.



What is a Chair Cylinder?

A cylinder is what helps your chair go up and down. Also called “air lift” or “gas lift”, it’s what makes your chair adjustable.





Office furniture terms don’t need to be confusing.

Please ask us if there’s something you don’t understand. We want you to feel well-informed and confident as you plan your office!